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Belajar Autocad 2010 3d.pdf wharagn




autoCAD subang,, concatenate, . '----- With out any i am trying to read from database but still it is not working, Can anyone help me? I will be highly thankful to you. A: there are 2 things in autoCAD: 1) if you want to read data from database like a list and 2) if you want to make an.txt file like in 1), you need to put the SQL command to read the data from database directly into the command builder. like this : SELECT * FROM tabel1; this command will read all data from database table tabel1. but if you want to put a text in the.txt file then just save it into the database, or create a php file and read the data into the file. like this: note : 1) the above php code is for demo purpose only. 2) if your database use sql server then use mysql_* instead of thanks and hope this will help Q: Incorrect form post on different but same php file I have two php files. One is register.php and other is login.php. The form posted to login.php is not properly posted to register.php when i log in. login.php




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Belajar Autocad 2010 3d.pdf wharagn

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